Hanepoot Harvest at Lourensford

Are you looking for a fun day out in the Cape Winelands and happen to be craving lovely sweet and juicy Hanepoot grapes? The Hanepoot Harvest at Lourensford Wine Estate in Somerset West is your answer!

Basket with Hanepoot grapes. (Credit: www.grooveisintheheart.co.za)Every year, this well-known wine estate invites members of the public to come and pick beautiful sun-sweetened Hanepoot table grapes in their magnificently set vineyards. They provide the scissors – all you have to do is fill your own container with grapes and snack on as many as you like in the process! After all your “hard work”, your harvest is weighed and you pay per kilogram.

Hanepoot Harvest at Lourensford Wine Estate (Pic by Birgit@Groove Is In The Heart)

This year, the harvest weekend falls on 20 and 21 February and your loot will cost you a bargain R14/kg.

I only found out about the event on Friday, but the timing was perfect as I already had another event planned in Somerset West on Saturday.

We went around lunchtime and had so much fun. There were quite a few other people, but the vineyards are so big, with more than enough grapes, that we felt as if we were in our own little world, harvesting for the family.

We brought our own basket but did see boxes on sale for R5. There is no need to book, so you can just pitch up at any time between 07h00 and 14h00.

Harvesting Hanepoot Grapes at Lourensford Wine Estate (Pic by Birgit@Groove Is In the Heart)It was cloudy on our visit but still quite hot, so make sure to put on sunscreen and pack some water. At the pay point, there were also big crates full of lovely fresh plums and pears, which you could buy for only R10/bag. And, today there’s the Sunday market where you can buy even more great eats, drinks and handmade goods.

We spent a total of R130 for two big bags of pears and plums and about 8kg of Hanepoot grapes – enough fruit to last us for weeks!

So there you have it, your weekend is sorted. If you only read this post on Monday, don’t worry, there will be another Hanepoot Harvest again next year. And, if you ask me really nicely, I might just share some of my grapes with you.

Hanepoot Harvest at Lourensford Wine Estate (Pic by Birgit@Groove Is In the Heart)

Lourensford Wine Estate is situated in Somerset West, at the end of Lourensford Road (just past Erinvale Golf Estate). The Hanepoot Harvest is taking place on 20 and 21 February 2016 from 07h00 to 14h00. Visit www.lourensford.co.za or phone 021 847 2333 for more info.

(All pics by Birgit@Groove Is In The Heart)

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