De-lovely and delicious

If there’s one song I’ll never tire of, it’s Groove is in the Heart.

This fab 1990-hit by American dance band Deee-Lite is the personification of happiness to me: the catchy tune, the beat, the words and the crazy psychedelic video never fail to cheer me up, no matter how low I may have felt just moments ago.

Over the years, there’s been a lot of speculation about the real meaning of the song: some say it’s about an orgasm; others say it’s about one hell of an acid trip. But, does it really matter?

Lady Miss Kier Deee-Lite singing Groove is in the Heart

All I know is that Lady Miss Kier has the best dance moves ever; and her band members are having the time of their lives. If this is Deee-Lite, just imagine what Deee-Regular would look like!

Groove is in the Heart is instant happiness in a bottle – the perfect name for my blog.

Life’s simply too short to not feel de-groovy, de-gorgeous, de-lovely and delicious!

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