Hello, and welcome to my travel and lifestyle blog!

Birgit from Groove Is In The Heart budget travel and lifestyle blog (credit: www.grooveisintheheart.co.za)
My profile pic was inspired by the poster for Amélie – a magical French movie that everyone should watch.

This is the space where I share the many things that move my heart and make me feel alive: from my travel adventures (I’m hopelessly addicted!) to my love of music, art, nature, chocolate and the amazing people who cross my path and inspire me. In short: it’s my happy place!

A little more about me:

I’m a 40-something South African living in the beautiful city of Cape Town. I work full-time as digital journalist, web editor and communications specialist and am the mommy of two gorgeous dachshunds. In my previous career life, I was an opera singer, but nowadays I enjoy music as a hobby and spend my days writing, exploring the Mother City and dreaming up my next travel adventure.

(Curious to learn even more about me? Check out this post which includes 10 random facts about myself and Born to travel: blame it on my genes.)

If my blog’s name immediately made you think of the cool song by Deee-Lite, a special welcome to you, kindred spirit – you must also be a child of the ’80s? Groove is in the heart has always been one of my best loved feel-good songs and the crazy, psychedelic video is awesome. If this song doesn’t make you smile, nothing will!

May this blog have the same effect on you. Buckle up and join me for a ride to exciting destinations, near and far!

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Birgit budget travel and lifestyle blog (www.grooveisintheheart.co.za)

(PS: All posts and photos on this blog were created by me, myself and I – unless indicated otherwise. Please do not reproduce any of my content without my written permission. Thank you!)

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